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Welcome to Meter Informatique !

Meter Informatique provides online IT Security training for people interested in, or worried about, computer security, hacking, cybercrime, it risks, etc. I provide targeted training for different groups, and if wished for, I can also provide tailer-made training for you or your company covering a specific topic.


Here you can choose between the different training courses offered. Please select the category you’re interested in to see more details. You’ll find more detailed information and also different levels of training for each area of interest.


“If you followed my training course and are satisfied about the new things you’ve learned I would love to have a nice write-up to show potential new customers that they’ll most likely will have a positive experience with my training.”

Willem Meter

CEO, Meter Informatique


My name is Willem Meter and I have 25 years of experience in the computer security field. I worked for different global companies taking care of their IT Security and IT Infrastructure needs. I worked at different levels, technical analyst, specialist, (team)manager and independent consultant. Nowadays I am the head of an IT Infrastructure department for a well known company in Switzerland. In my spare time I provide IT Training to worried citizens.

Your Trainer

I am originally from the Netherlands but moved a bit trough Europe for my work. I ended up on the shores of lake Geneva and am now in Switzerland at home. During my years working in IT I gained a lot of experience and insights. My key capabilities are translating IT Security rules into human rules and habits. My native language is Dutch but I’m fluent in English, German and French too.

The Training Environment

My trainings are by default online. There will be an interactive presentation narrated by myself with ample room for questions and additional clarifications where needed. Classes will be with max. 10 people to ensure an efficient training and knowledge transfer. You will need a stable internet connection with at least cable or DSL speeds to follow the training. The trainings are not limited to a certain country or region, the provided information is applicable globally.

What do you gain ?

The risks in IT Security are very real today. You can lose money, have your files deleted by viruses, have reputational damage done to you or your company and many more. My trainings will allow you to much better protect and prepare yourself against the most common risks in the connected world of the 21st century.


Feel free to contact me for more information or ask for tailor-made training covering a special topic. Training is by default done with on-line tools that allow for a global and efficient training experience. Tailor-made offers can be provided for on-site training if wished for. Training can be provided in English, German, French and Dutch. Training materials for these training will be made available in the language the course is provided in. Kindly note that we will not provide any feedback to specific IT security questions outside the scope of these training’s. We will normally reply to your contact request in less than 24h.

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